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2023 Show Series

Combined Test 

Mark your Calendars!

April 2, April 30, May 28, June 11, July 2, July 23, August 13, September 3, October 1, October 29, November 12

Combined Test Classes
Class Title
Max. Jump Height
Dressage Test





Baby Beginner Novice

Beginner Novice





Cross Rails

18” – 2’

2’ – 2’3




Leadline Test A (see PDF below)

2023 USDF Intro Test A

2023 USDF Intro Test A

2023 USDF Intro Test B

2023 USDF Intro Test C

2022 USEF Beginner Novice Test A

2022 USEF Novice Test A

2022 USEF Training Test A

2023 Judge List

April 2

April 30

May 28

June 11

July 2

July 23

August 13

September 3

October 1

October 29

November 12

Annmari Ingersoll

Donna Gatchell

Greta Boylston

Jenna Brown

Aviva Nebesky

Evelyn Foutz-Martin

Carol Thomas

Laura Beetle

Aviva Nebesky

Peggy Pariso

Debra Tsang

General Info

Open Date: March 15, 2023 (for all shows)

Close Dates: The Monday BEFORE the show date

  • Negative Coggins and Liability Waiver Required

  • Ride Times will be sent out/posted on the Fence Post Farm Website the Thursday before the show

  • Please see the map below for parking directions for trailers/cars

  • Cash or Check Only. Make checks payable to Fence Post Farm.

  • Entry is NOT considered complete until payment is received. Ride times will not be given to those who have not paid


Concessions will be available for purchase!

Series Prizes are awarded to the top competitors in the series!

Volunteer Hours!

Due to the increased turnout to shows, we are looking for volunteers and offering show credit!

1 show date of volunteering = 1 Credit (Credits will be modified for less than full days)

1 Credit = $10 off entry fee (only 1 credit may be used per show)

Parents/Family members can volunteer for credits for riders

Contact Charlotte for more information and questions!

Combined Test Info

$50 Per Division for Combined Test, $40 for a Second Division

Dressage Only: $25 (Ribbons awarded if 3 or more riders in division)

Stadium Only/Extra Stadium: $10 (No Ribbons Awarded)

Entry Options:

  1. Please use STRIDER (formerly Event Clinics) for paperless entry! 

    • Please fill out a liability waiver by going to the "Liability Waiver" page of our website.  The form can be signed and submitted electronically.  The waiver must be signed prior to being given your bridle number at check-in.​​

  2. Current Fence Post Farm students can signup online using JotForm (link can be found in the farm Facebook group)

Leadline Test A

See below for our concessions menu!

Farm Map including Parking Instructions:

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